Knowing God 1
The Will to Disbelieve
the old Testament
Thy will be Done
A Mask of Evil
Opposing Evil
A Christian Failure
A Corrupt Media
Are you Angry?
Biblical Economics
A Godless Nation
A God Forgotten
Testimony of Four

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Program Notes

"Of making many books there is no end" --Solomon


I am starting to experiment with posting my notes from the radio programs and sermons online for those who are interested, and also to provide a place for people to check things that went by too fast (book authors and titles), references to web sites that are hard to give on the air, and footnotes. These notes are largely unedited and not proofed, and if shared with others should include that disclaimer as well as a copyright notice. Don't expect smooth. Smooth is on the air.

Speakerís note: Not everything in these notes made it on the air, and things were said on the air that are not in the notes. Time constraints and the inspiration of the moment intervene. Also, these notes have not been proof read. I have just adjusted them for easier reading. I am publishing them as they are so as to not let the perfect stand in the way of the good.

If there are footnotes, they may be indicated by a little balloon.

And yes, most of these are pretty close to what I work from in the studio. Some of the items were bulleted or bolded for easier visual orientation. In some cases, I have rewritten the notes, but that is time consuming. For all I know, you may find the raw notes more interesting.

Speakers may feel free to use the material, but some indication of source should be included.

It may be that the best way to find something here is to use the search feature on the Home Page.

Audio CDs are available to go with most of these outlines. Contact CEM for availability. There may be a service charge for the audio version.



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