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Some time ago, I was asked to provide some of my sermon notes as an aid to pastors serving in southern Africa. It had never occurred to me that others might find my notes helpful. I am used to giving a sermon (or a radio program) and having it go around the world thanks to the ubiquitous cassette tapes. But when the issue was posed, I could see that it would save some people a lot of time to be able to go straight to the notes instead of having to listen to the tape to see what I had to say. Because of a handful of forum members who could not attend the Feast with us last year, I uploaded three sermons to the forum. Some said it was fascinating to look at the sermon from the inside, as it were.

So, I am going to embark on a project of putting up my sermon notes in this corner of my web site for anyone who finds them useful. Starting with dates from November, 2006, the dates and titles on the sermons will match the recorded version. I can't be certain of earlier dates, and I haven't always put the title on the notes, but I will do my best. If anyone has any date/title corrections, please let me know. Also, these are unedited and unproofed. There was no reason since the final presentation was oral. And there will be material in the sermons that is extemporaneous and not in the notes. I apologize for the formatting. I am just copying them from WordPerfect into Microsoft FrontPage and I don't have time to rework them. You may find it more useful to copy them as text files and open them in a word processor.

If you have comments or questions, see the contact link below.

November 11, 2006





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