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The Weekend Bible Study

"Of making many books there is no end" --Solomon


This section contains notes, links, etc., for the Weekend Bible Study Series. They are here for the convenience of students who are following the series online, and I plan to post links to relevant items on the Net.

It remains to be seen exactly how I will use this section. The series is experimental, and so is this segment. See the links on the left. They may change over time

The link in the first paragraph above is a permanent link to the Weekend study, so if you don't get the email, you can always come here. I strongly recommend, though, that you sign up on the CEM page for the email newsletter. Be sure and check your profile and check the weekend Bible study box (although we also send to the "send everything" gang. You can adjust your profile to change the frequency of mailings from us. Rarely, you may get two a week. To be sure you stay up to date on the Weekend Bible Study, check that box on your profile. Even if you are already on this mailing, you should take the extra step because we will eventually phase out the old list.  It's easy, just sign up again and it will take you through the process of updating.

Meanwhile, I was taken to task by some of you for suggesting you have a blueberry muffin during the days of Unleavened Bread. Keir Graham sent me a picture of an unleavened blueberry muffin from Zurich.













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