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   What Is The Scope of The Work
CEM is Doing?


          The Born to Win broadcast is heard on five-50,000-watt flagship stations each week, seven international stations, 55 stations that simulcast on the Internet, and 60 stations that are heard Monday through Friday. The broadcast can be heard on radio at least 275 every week, plus the availability to hear it on the Internet 24/7 at www.borntowin.net. It is estimated that between 100,000 to 150,000 people listen to the Born to Win Program each week.

          Born to Win has a very active website, www.borntowin.net with an enormous amount of information. Watch for a much improved website coming soon.

          CEM publishes the Living to Win monthly newsletter.

          Among other correspondence, Ronald L. Dart writes a monthly letter offering a FREE CD, with four Speaker’s Choice CDs. These are offered to everyone on CEM’s mailing list.

          CEM hosts an outstanding Feast of Tabernacles each year with some of the best speakers, insightful biblical and Christian living seminars, state-of-the-art YEA youth classes for five age groups, youth and social events (many FREE) for inspiration, learning, and fellowship. In 2009, more than 1100 people registered at CEM’s Feast site.

          YEA, an arm of CEM, publishes full-color Sabbath School lesson books for five different age groups, spanning 17 years of a child’s life. In all, there soon will be 952 different lessons. YEA also provides a summer camp for young people 13 through 18 each year.

          YEA! Let’s R.E.A.C.H. is an online service for kids three to 20 with daily biblical, fun, and challenging activities that can be downloaded FREE and done at home or for home schooling.

          CEM hosts a Family Bible Weekend Retreat in the spring of the year with an outstanding sermon, seminars, YEA classes, and a variety of social events.

          CEM also offers an email newsletter and an email first of the month letter.

          CEM offers an online Friday Night Bible study that can be listened to any time. More than 95 different Bible Studies, covering books of the Bible and other important subjects, are already available online. About five hundred people listen to this study each week.

          CEM offers a Sabbath service with live streaming each Sabbath at 2 p.m EST. As many as 100 computers have tuned in for a given Sabbath service with several watching on some of these computers.

          CEM has a prison ministry for which it transcribes sermons, broadcasts, and offers Bible Study Notes.

          CEM publishes the Living Waters Bible study course.

          CEM also uses AdWords to introduce youth materials to those who are not of our tradition to Christ. A follow-up system is in place to contact respondents twice a month.

          Ronald L. Dart is personally involve 24/7 in this ministry. Many broadcast listeners write or email him and are surprised that he personally answers the mail and emails he receives from the broadcasts, participates on forums, and has his own website, www.rondart.com.

          The CEM bookstore offers ten books Ron has written, 32 CD albums of complete books of the Bible, or timely subjects that he has covered on the air, YEA and Bible Study lessons, MP3s and CDs of broadcasts, and more. Call CEM at 903-839-9300 for a FREE catalog.

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